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Take your business online

Your customers are all online so much so that googling has become a verb. You owe it to yourself to make 2013 your most profitable year yet and a well-planned, well-designed professional website can help make that goal a reality. 

Using an experienced web design firm, that knows what works and what doesn't, can be the difference between making money or making nothing. Using a company that understand your goals and can provide the best advice is a deal maker.

Femtech Media's reliable and professional designers and web developers work with clients to deliver distinctive web solutions. Our no-nonsense approach is what helps us get the job done on time and on budget.  Femtech Media beleives in a partnership approach to building websites. While we have the experience and know-how to build quality, professional sites that get results, you know your business. We work with you to reflect your style, tone and needs. We involve you so your website is an integral part of your business plan that you can manage.

We can help you with:

  • Website design - strategic planning, website development, SEO and more
  • Hosting plans - Exclusive service for our web clients
  • Domain registration - Manage all your domains from one secure account

Latest Project

Fundraising Season is here!

Well it's that time again. Every year, we fundraise for the World Partnership Walk. Not heard of it? Wow, have you been missing out on a good karma builder!

Have you ever stopped and looked around at your life? How good you have it? You have a roof over your head, food on the table, and hopefully good health? Then count yourself rich. That's right, RICH. Many people don't even have the basics and struggle to feed themselves and/or their children. But you can do something to help.

The WPW, uses 100% of the funds raised toward programs that help thousands of people around the world achieve what you and I take for granted everyday. But don't listen to me, view these videos on the Community tab and see for yourself.

You can find out about this very popular and extremely satisfying fundraiser by visiting the World Partnership Walk website. Take it one step further and visit our fundraising page and help leverage an additional $8 for every $1 you donate.


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It must have been very difficult for Femtech Media to...
Category: Testimonials
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We've been trying for years to redesign our website. ...